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Study tour in China

One of our teachers - Elena Kasiyanenko - is in China now. She is taking lessons from one of the Chinese painters Li Ilian and covers her studying process at her russian blog. I decided to share with you some of her trip notes :) With her permission, of course.

One of the days the topic of the lesson was sceneries.
At the beginning of the lesson they trained to picture different types of water. It was a very detailed work: 


Then piece by piece they were painting the main picture. Southern mountains of China. Warm and humid place.
Teacher's work


What impressions does Elena share? First of all, Chinese bursh with its sharp end can even be flat if you know how to turn it. And the width of its flat strokes can differ as well! 
And second, if you want to succeed in Chinese painting, and if you didn't paint from your childhood or didn't undergo special education in this field, you should make scatches with a pencil. You can paint looking at photos or at pictures of ancient Chinese artists and develop a good eye. It will help you a lot when painting detailed complicated objects. 
And when you paint a big picture made of small pieces, you broaden your mind and approach towards life. You learn to gather different pieces of information into the whole. Or otherwise, like Elena's Chinese teacher is painting, see parts in the whole and then go from smaller details to the broader picture. 

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