воскресенье, 29 апреля 2012 г.

Chinese painting: cats

Author: Nataly Kotova, artist and teacher of Wu Xing painting

Since painting appeared in China there was invented a style called "sketch of lines". Ancient Chinese philosophers, scientists and poets made sketches with 2-3 lines which were supposed to reveal "the spirit of alive movement". These lines have a nature of Metal energy. As only Metal brushstroke can change from wide line into thin one, can be long or sharp. 
I tried to paint cats in this style, this animal is flexible, the right sense for the Metal brushstroke. 

Painting in this style you don't have to picture every part of the animal, you can forget one leg or eyes. The main idea is to feel and show the main line of movement in this or that pose. 

воскресенье, 15 апреля 2012 г.

Japanese style of painting by Katrin Chernaya

Japanese style of painting differs from others first of all by its monochrome colors, and second by the internal feeling an artist has and reflects on the paper. And the process is more important than the result, you know. Creative occupation can change the ideas a person has about life. Painting with only black ink make you look at the world's colors from other side.  
Japanese painting. Like a fairy-tale and as if it is weightless.Wise and real. It can give you more than you expect. 
Works of students from Katrin Chernaya's course of Japanese painting.

All the works are done on rice paper and than glued on aquarell paper. It's interesting to notice that some people do not recognize their pictures after they have design. The works are not perfect, but they are fair how the art should be. Creative process should make people look and think wider. 

Authors of the pictures:
Nataly Filamofitskaya, Inga Protsenko, Evgeniya Esipchuk, Michail Veretennikov.