четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

Study tour in China - eagles

Elena writes in her lifejournal:
"Well, eagles are even more complicate than cranes :))) Their feathers are different you need to work with the brushstrokes and color texture (dry black, light humid, gradients etc.), the form of the eagles's head can vary so much! Each artist has its own vision and technique of painting for this bird.
We started the lesson painting the head from different views. I made pencil sketches. After three trys my varient started resembling the teacher's pattern:   



Then we painted wings:


And the final picture was called "Looking at waterfall":


Eagle is flying:

For such difficult birds you need to practice in pencil sketching, only expression is not enough. And you also need to learn the variety of brushstrokes chinese brush can make!

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