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The interview with Andrey Scherbakov,cont.

The Path-walker: Do you prefer monochrome painting or a full colour palette?

AS: To be honest, I like variety. As I have already mentioned, the Wu Xing artist doesn’t try to create a unique style of his own. The style, just as any other form, somehow transpires from the outside, in conjunction with other tasks that the artist has to face at any given time. Some of my paintings are monochrome and some are full colour. Recently I’ve been favouring the monochrome palette, but I guess this too will pass.

The Path-walker: What style of Chinese painting appeals to you most? For example, I like mountains and water but have no interest in birds. Are there any conclusions I should be able to draw from this? Especially as, all in all, there are five painting styles.
AS: Well, I’m not sure that one should be jumping to any conclusions. As we know, only amateur psychologists are keen to diagnose everyone. Yes, there are indeed five styles but they are based on a different classification system. Once again, it’s not the form that matters but the way your eye moves throughout the painting. What is really important, is the way it travels from one detail to another, from on subject to another. By the way, I also like landscapes with mountains and fog. My favourite Chinese painters are Ma Yuan and Xia Gui who lived in the Song Dynasty period.

The Path-walker: Is it true that anyone can learn to paint?

AS: Yes, it’s true. Wu Xing painting is a special technique that takes only two months to reach a very good level even if you start from complete scratch. The thing is that contemporary academic techniques, both Chinese and European, are often overburdened with details that at the initial stage are quite unnecessary. If we look at the modern psyche, we’ll see without any doubt that they tend to generate mental complexes instead of setting people free. Wu Xing painting provides the very essence of the painting skills, without any frills. That’s why it’s so easy to learn to paint from scratch using this method.
People often think that you can’t learn to paint without having some very special talent. This is absolute nonsense. Over the last few years I’ve taught Wu Xing painting to more than one thousand people. The statistics show that the only thing you really need if you want to succeed is a clear intention to learn and to spare no effort when it comes to self-improvement. The main obstacles here are laziness and intellectual impotence. They supplement each other and create the vicious circle that ninety per cent of us can’t break: I cannot, I will not, I don’t want to… Men should beware of intellectual impotence more than women as physical impotence is the next step.

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