воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.

Chinese Venice

There is a famous picture «请明上河图» painted during the dynasty Sung, it is called "the celebration of Qing Ming holiday over the city". You can see the enormous number of people on it walking along the old streets, look into the windows of palaces and village houses. You can see the picture scroll here:
When Andrey Scherbakov who loves this picture very much went to China for the first time, he had an impression there were no more places like that in modern China, modern life had killed the features of the country. But it turned out to be untrue. During the trip to China in 2011 the Wu Xing group visited two places which were traditional chinese cities on the water. In one of the cities it was possible to feel oneself a member of the picture mentioned above! As they came there at celebration of the Qing Ming holiday and saw the same number of people as on the picture.
The second place - Wu zhen city - can be named Chinese Venice, it is very romantic. It is excellent for painting traditional chinese architecture, though the city was build in 1998, it looks very ancient. 

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