понедельник, 28 мая 2012 г.

How to draw a peacock?

Author of the material: Nataly Kotova

Fast Wu Xing way.

You can click a picture to view it in a larger scale.  

First step - devide a bird into geometric figures and try to place it within a paper. If one piece of paper is not enough - take a larger one :)

Take the second piece of paper of the same size and make light sketches of the bird. 

Neck and chest is painted with Earth brushstrokes (for main Wu Xing brushstrokes view the series of posts here). This brushstroke helps to show small feathers.

The tale is done with Metal brushstroke, the long and flexible one. 

Vivid wings.

Add spots.

Add a tree branch.
The same picture in monochrome variant.

Or one white peacock in Heaven garden :)

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