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Wu Xing main elements: Fire

The Fire element is the climax of yang. A powerful fire movement can look like an explosion, whereas a gentle fire movement can be like a light breath of wind or a flap of a butterfly’s wing. Fire is quick, fleeting, and elusive. Fire in movement is an ability to quickly shift from one emotional state to another.
A fire brushstroke often looks like a boat or a drop. It is well-suited for painting fishes, birds, leaves, and flower petals − all that is fleeting and transient.

Fire in a painting corresponds with its color scheme that often determines the power of emotional response in the viewer. Colors can be warm or cool. Yang color is extremely warm. It generates warm feelings and joy. Yin color is cool. It gives rise to yin emotions: sadness, melancholy, and fear. The strongest contrast is achieved by opposing the shades of red (the fire color) and blue (the water color). This technique was widely used in making Japanese woodblock prints ukiyo-e.
Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3

Andrey's paintings (click to enlarge, the preview shows only a part of the picture) 

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  1. Very nice loose work Daria. Your blog is full of interesting information.

  2. These pictures are made by Andrey Scherbakov)
    Thanks a lot! I really hope this blog will be interesting as a sourse of new technique for those who already paint and as a source of inspiration to start painting for those who doesn't yet!